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V2 Session Six - 13 April 2007 - "Barrow of the Forgotten King" (part 2)

The statue of "The Forgotten King"

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Player Character Race Class
Dave Freyrik Ulthkell Human(Feytouched) Warlock/2
THF Líkami Human Monk/2
Ken Ash Aasimar Paladin/1
VW Heilli Human Soulknife/1, Psion/1
Kurt Ketamine Crag Gnome Witch/2
Chris Yosi Wood Elf Barbarian/2
Val Allie Lesser Aasimar Favored Soul/1, Fighter/1

Note: This adventure comes from “Barrow of the Forgotten King”, by Ed Stark, as published by Wizards of the Coast.

8 March 1111

continued from the previous session

Area 4) The Beholder Room

Once through the smashed door, the party discovered a room with steeped in magic. There were several magical tiles arranged in a pattern that matched the “Beholder” design on the door into this room. It seemed to be some kind of magical puzzle – the end result of which was unknown. However, since the graverobbers must have come through this room, the party was determined to solve it.

After a few misadventures, they eventually realized that the puzzle could be solved by rearranging a trio of out-of-place tiles. Once this was done, a green ray shot from the ceiling down onto one of the tiles. The floor where the beam struck, vanished, revealing a ladder descending into darkness below.

Area 5) Staircase

A pair of skeletal wolves and an Ogre Zombie were left in this area, either by the builders of the tomb or (more likely) by the graverobbers the party was pursuing. After a difficult battle, the undead were destroyed.

Area 6) Sabotaged Bridge

While crossing a rope bridge over an underground stream, the party discovered (the hard way) that the bridge had been sabotaged. This, along with the undead previously discovered, gave the party the first clues that the graverobbers they were pursuing were aware of being followed.

In the water, a “Flotsam Ooze” tried to pull people down and drown them. After a brief battle, the beast was destoyed.

Area 7) Broken Chamber

In a rubble-filled side room, the party discovered a Choker lurking in a shaft that led to the surface. Despite having the “high ground”, the creature succumbed to the party's ranged attacks.

Area 8) Forgotten King's Statue

The shaft from below opened at the feet of the Forgotten King's statue. While searching for the escaped wolves, the party had previously discovered this statue, but hadn't spotted the concealed pit.

Now, they had a way of entering and leaving the tomb without having to navigate the magical puzzle in the “Beholder Room”.1)

Area 9) Central Hub

Behind a closed door, the party senses evil and magic. After a brief preparation, they rushed into the room to discover a pair of sleeping “Varags”2), along with a Varag Zombie. The creatures proved to be no match for the prepared and battle-hardened heroes.

While the Varags clearly were part of the graverobber party, there was still no clues as to who they were and why they were here.

to be continued…

Varag -- a //very// fast goblinoid creature


# Challenge CR
1 The Beholder Room (Ad Hoc) 2
2 Wolf Skeletons 1
1 Ogre Zombie 3
1 Flotsam Ooze 3
1 Choker 2
1 Varag Zombie 2
1 Varag (Sargus) 2
1 Varag (Krusis) 1
Total XP (each) 730

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The combat encounter in this area was excised from the module-as-written
Goblinoid creatures with an amazing running ability
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