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Welcome to my World!

Thentao, N'Galt, a Immenri
Solqui la emna tar


This is my Fantasy Role-playing world. It started on a misty college campus back in 1981. As a nerdy freshman, all of my nerdy friends and I spent most of our free time playing Dungeons and Dragons. I soon became one of the more prolific dungeon masters in my clique and this world is the result. After college, it gradually lost its steam and by the 1990's lay mostly dormant. But in 2002, the gods grew anxious to roll some dice and the Voyager Campaign was born. When that campaign reached its "epic conclusions" in 2007, we retired it and started over at first level with The "V2" Campaign. Then, in 2009 we gave 4th edition D&D a try with the "V3" campaign, but that experiment ended in 2012 … “for reasons”. After a short hiatus, the release of the 5th edition rules prompted "The Great Retcon" in 2015. That campaign burned brightly, but shortly and came to its conclusion in late summer, 2016. Perhaps the future will see more gaming in this world, but for now, it is dormant…

My World

Wiki Layout

This wiki has grown in fits and starts and suffers from a lack of overall structure. However, you will occasionally see sub-sections on pages labeled as “Common”, “Expert”, and “Hidden” Knowledge. These three categories reflect what the common man knows, what the learned man knows, and what a learned man could know. (The “truth”, you may note, is not included in this list).

Only registered users are allowed to edit this Wiki. If you have comments or suggestions, feel free to drop me an email using the contact form.

For the meat of this wiki, please see A Player's Handbook for the Third Age.

For a raw list of all pages, see the Index.


In addition to the campaign pages (above), I have a (partial) summary of many of my old AD&D adventures.


Like many people, music has inspired many elements in this campaign world. For a partial list of the songs I've relied on – and their relevance, see the Music page.


For a “Creative Writing” course in college, I churned out a wretched piece of fluff called "The Fall of Edric". Several years after college, I began the process of converting my early D&D games into stories, which were eventually called "The Chosen". While these stories are a vast improvement over my college attempt, they are still clearly in the realm of “fanfic”. If nothing else, they impressed upon me a great appreciation for the job of a writer.

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